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#ezWebBusinessBuilder2 ezWebBusinessBuilder2 by Jim Daniels Comments
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At This Site You'll Discover The REAL Way To Earn Online -- Including
How To Choose a Niche, Get a Website, and Make Money From It.

I'm Not Gonna Bore You With Some Long Rags To Riches Story. And I'll
Set The Story Straight Involving the Death of Internet Marketing.

You see, a lot of so-called Internet marketing gurus have been claiming
it's all over. That Internet marketing is dead.

The reports have been getting so out of hand, I just had to do
something about it. I haven't done anything this drastic in a few
years, so bear with me.

My name is Jim Daniels. I've been making my living online since the
late 1990's. Those of you who've been on my subscriber list for any
length of time, know me as a straight shooter.

And if you're not too familiar with my work yet, I hope this
information will be just as helpful to you.

But before I get started on the so-called death of Internet marketing,
I want to give you a quick glimpse at the positive side. If you've had
any level of success online, you know first-hand that...
Making stay-at-home income online is truly an exhilarating and
life-changing experience.


In fact, not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for the wonderful
lifestyle it has provided me and my family.

But you also may know just how challenging it can be.

Unfortunately, most people never get to experience that feeling of
freedom from a life of jobs. They only know the frustration and
disappointment that sets in when an online business venture doesn't
work out like its supposed to.

After all, there's so much hype and so many false promises in this
industry, it can keep even the most ambitious person spinning their
wheels for years on end.

And now you hear gurus saying it's dead?

No wonder so many people are giving up on Internet business!

Well, before you assume you've missed the boat when it comes to making
your living from the web, you need to know one fact...
Internet Marketing is NOT Dying, will NEVER Die, and actually has been
getting EASIER for the average person...

I know that may sound crazy, especially if you've struggled to earn
money online, but I'll prove it to you today.

I'll show you new ways I've been making money and helping others make
money, while actually working less, thanks to some changes in the

Why should you believe me?

Well, I've been making my living online since 1996 and I like to think
of myself as a survivor...

I've seen countless gurus come and go over the years. I've seen the
"death of Internet marketing" announced over and over, by many
so-called experts. Yet I just keep plugging along.

I've averaged well over $10,000 per month in income online for almost
two decades now -- from home on my laptop, and now on the go with my
* I have zero employees.
* I don't pay for advertising.
* I don't rely on Google for traffic.
* I don't pump out product after product.
* I have only a small number of web properties.
* I work when I want, usually less than 15 hrs./wk.
* I monetize my web properties in 10 different ways.

Now I could show you all my income screenshots from clickbank, paypal,
2checkout, my merchant account, etc., but if you've been on my list for
any length of time, you know that's just not my style.

However if you don't know me, I realize you need at least some proof.
So here's a copy of one my Clickbank Premier Awards so that you can see
that I'm a top seller on Clickbank...


As I mentioned, I could put up lots of income screenshots, but you and
I both know that those can be faked. And frankly, I don't want to build
a bunch of hype here. In fact, I'm sort of uncomfortable even sharing
those previous earnings numbers with you.

I'm certainly not in the "1%" or anything like that. And there are
plenty of average people like me who make far more than I do. In fact,
I know lots of folks who've been crushing it the last few years.

But I'm not going to waste your time today talking about money.
Everyone loves money, but I love something else even more...
That's Right... Online business is not all about the money for me. It's
about something much more precious...

Sure, I value financial security as much as the next person. But what I
value above all, is time freedom.

When I started out online I decided I wanted it to always be just me.
No corporate bull, no office, no employees. My goal was to work just
enough to give me the income I needed to live the lifestyle I wanted.

Call me lazy if you want, but...
* I love being able to roll out of bed without an alarm clock every
* I don't miss my regular 9-5 job and my 2-hour round trip commute to
* I enjoy going to the golf course instead of going off to work on
Monday morning.
* I love being able to go hiking or kayaking with my wife, while my
kids are in school.
* I enjoy playing Xbox with my daughter and riding dirt bikes with my
son after school.

In a few minutes I'll show you exactly how earning online is actually
getting easier, especially for solo entrepreneurs like me.

Who knows, maybe you'll uncover a tidbit or two that will help you get
more of that precious time freedom. But first...
I want to get to the root of the problem causing too many people to
fail online...

Dead End The problem with online business nowadays is that too many
people are being led down dead-ends. And these dead-ends are being
cleverly disguised as "short-cuts".

I have hard evidence of this. I've seen some revealing sales statistics
from some let's say, well-known marketers.

And what really sells BIG online are all the "cookie-cutter" business
opportunities, "loopholes" with sneaky social proof strategies, "Google
secret ranking strategies" and those "look how much I earned" sales
* The bigger the income claims the more it sells.
* The easier they make it sound, the more it sells.
* The more pressure they put on, the more it sells.

The products sell like hotcakes on a big launch day, then as many as
half of the customers get a refund. The "pump and dump" marketer could
care less because they still walk away with a fat payday.
This "Shiny Object Syndrome" is killing any chance of real success for
far too many people!

Instead of relying on themselves, too many people rely completely on
one "money making program" or "business opportunity" after another.
Then when it yields little or no profit, they give up on it until
something else enticing comes along.

photo (2) Here's why this "shiny object syndrome" persists...

All those easy "biz-ops" and "loopholes" that promise quick results and
fast riches, look and sound easier than learning all the proper steps
to long-term profits online.

In fact, instead of "shiny object" syndrome, maybe it should be called
"easy button" syndrome.

It's human nature to want fast and easy results. Especially when you're
working a regular job or constantly struggling to make ends meet. When
you see those juicy earnings screenshots the slick marketers show you,
it's impossible to resist.
Plus, gurus know that "learning" sounds like work to most people.
That's why they never use the "L word" in their sales letters. It
scares people away.

Sad, right?

After all, it is learning and small successes that build self-reliance.

I know because way back in the 1990's I was able to quit my full time
job after just a few months online. It started with learning. Then a
few small successes gave me the confidence that I could make it all by
myself, without ever needing a job again.

The fact that I've been able to earn an average of over $10,000 a month
since the 1990's, all by myself at home is no accident.

I feel it is directly related to my willingness to experiment with new
technology and new strategies.

This is vastly different from what most people do -- they try business
opportunities and join cookie-cutter programs.

While some of those may yield success, most do not simply because they
are too rigid. Not only do you end up trying to do exactly what
everyone else is doing, your success usually hinges on something
completely out of your control.

Most of those "programs" fail because they focus only on one traffic
source such as Google, or worse, just one income source such as
affiliate marketing. That's a major flaw that cannot be overlooked. The
Too many people end up having the rug pulled out from under them again
and again.

It usually happens when you see headlines like these...
* "Amazon Cuts Ties with Affiliates in Several States"
* "Google Panda Shakes 1000's of Review Sites from the Affiliate
Money Tree"
* "FTC shuts down [insert opportunity here] as Ponzi Scheme"
* "Google's Penguin Update Kills Countless Small Businesses

Headlines like that prove that so much is out of your control, it's no
wonder more and more people are giving up completely on Internet
business. But it doesn't have to be that way.

You see, while some negative things have happened to hurt small
business the last few years, most of the changes are extremely

While many gurus have been pronouncing the death of Internet marketing,
(while they sell you their latest "survival" manual) I say it's just
the opposite.

I'm not going to scare you into buying something by telling you the sky
is falling. In fact, I'm willing to go out on a limb and state that...
"More people than ever will generate online income from home in the
next few years."

photo (24) Significant income that will let them quit their job, be
with their family more and enjoy life more than ever.

How can I make such a bold statement? Simple...

Because making money online is actually becoming easier than it ever
was, especially for the average person with little time, money or
technical skills.

Now I know that may sound absurd to you if you've struggled with making
money online in the past. But let me explain how it's now easier than

Way back in 2005 I released a software program called
ezWebBusinessBuilder. It was a step by step course with a little
animated character name Paul. It sold tens of thousands of copies, and
helped countless people earn money online.

But 2005 was a century ago in Internet time.

Back then making a professional website was a big obstacle to most
people. Wysiwyg was the so called "easy" way to make sites. The whole
process took weeks and sometimes months, and that's if you worked hard
at it and had money to spend.

That barrier to entry kept literally millions of people from success

Nowadays just about anyone can have a great site, do it 20x faster, and
for pennies on the dollar. You no longer need to buy an expensive web
design program and learn how to use it.

A program called WordPress is 100% free and simplifies every aspect of
making your own profitable web property. In fact, every day more and
more free WordPress plugins become available to help you automate just
about any task, including getting traffic and monetizing your web

photo (2) Heck, you don't even need a computer to have a successful
online business nowadays!

You can do it with any smart phone or tablet, and even an iPhone or
iPod touch. (Yep, there are apps for that!)

These apps let you work on the go wherever you are. They're easy to use
and even free in most cases.

I can now do things like site updates, check and answer email, record
audio for web-based presentations and much more, without my PC. I can
now access and edit my documents on the go and do research from

Oh, and the best part?... All that stuff is easier than ever. I can do
all that without the clumsy "thumb-typing", thanks to free speech
recognition apps. (Not Siri, an app.)

I can do it all without FTP or expensive programs. In fact, as you'll
see in a minute, I don't even have to do any of it myself anymore!

The plain truth is, mobile computing isn't killing web marketing, it's
making it easier!
As you can see, if you're one of those folks who never got too friendly
with PC's, this may finally be your time to shine.

But these newer, freely available tools are just the beginning.

Even more significant is the fact that there are now thousands of
people all across the web and the world, willing to do all your dirty
work for you and do it dirt cheap.

Don't like creating content? No problem.

photo (35) You can now forget about writing all your content yourself
like you had to years ago. Getting original content written for you on
virtually any subject, now costs just a few bucks a pop.

Don't like doing things like working with graphics, making videos or
building links? Me either! I hate doing that stuff! So I get it all
done for me, for literally the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee in
most cases.

Need a blog setup from scratch? I know a guy who will setup the whole
thing for the cost of a hamburger.

So let's see. You don't need to know web design. You don't need to be
comfortable with a PC, or have any technical skills for that matter.
What obstacles are left?
If you think that lack of start-up money is an obstacle, think again.
Online business is now cheaper than it ever has been.

(That is, as long as you don't fall for all the dime sales and
front-end offers being thrown around the IM world.)

You need very little money to run a successful business online nowadays
since domains and hosting costs have been slashed to just a few bucks a

So you have to admit it... time, money and lack of technical skills are
no longer obstacles.

All that leaves is finding the right ideas, and getting the right
people to your web properties. Those are two of my favorite things to
help people with.

As the Internet marketing niche has expanded, I've branched out with
projects in several other niches and can show you how I find the hidden

Contrary to what most people believe, there are plenty of great niches
out there.

And traffic? It's not as hard as you think. You just can't put all your
eggs in the Google basket!

I feel that the best way to make money online is to take complete
control. That means forgetting all about opportunities and other "shiny
objects" and doing something completely different from everyone else.
After all...
Only you know how much money you need to make and how many hours you
can work. (Or want to work eventually.)

That means you need a web business that fits your own personality and
even your own lifestyle.

Rather than a rigid program, you need a business that is right for you
that includes all the easiest ways to generate income.

You need to work smart, not hard. Generate passive income you can rely
on for the long-term, so you can reap the rewards for a long time
coming, not just make a few sales and cash a few checks.

Of course you can always join the masses and jump from one program to
the next. But you may find yourself going down one dead end after

OK, I don't want this to take up any more of your time than it has to,
so let me tell you what I'm offering you today...
Every 4-5 years, I sit down and write a new major course. In it I
detail exactly what's working (and what's not) for small and home based
entrepreneurs online.

My subscribers demand it and I'm obligated to publish it.

The most recent results of my continued research and experimenting,
includes some surprising successes, as well as a few flash-and-fade
failures you absolutely need to avoid.

(It's great knowing what works, but knowing what not to do online can
save you years of anguish!)
This is real "boots on the ground" information, the exact techniques I
use to earn my own living from home. No theories, just the stuff that

I'm calling this new course ezWebBusinessBuilder2, "WP Edition".

The WP stands for "WordPress" as well as "Web Properties". That's
because this course shows you how to create income producing Web
Properties using the freely available WordPress solution. But it's not
just WordPress training, it's far more than that.

I'll just take a few more minutes to tell you what it's all about. Then
you can decide if you might benefit from it or not.

I created this course specifically for people who either no idea where
to start online or no idea what niche to work in. It's also for folks
who know what area they want to work in, but have no idea how to get a
site up and monetize it properly.
But above all, I made this for people who have little time or money to
invest in a web business, but still want to get something going.

(Whether it be to supplement their income or ramp up to an income level
that lets them have a stay-home lifestyle.)

Again, I say that the Internet will continue to bring home based income
to more and more people in the coming years than it ever has. There are
countless opportunities out there for savvy marketers, and in this
course I'll show you them.
The course starts with my 140 page PDF Manual that I update every
single month.

While it's impossible to tell you everything in this PDF, here's a
sample of what you'll find...

ezWebBusinessBuilder2 I'll take you inside my niche research techniques
and even give you access to my own list of niches I've researched but
never had time to attack. You'll be able to finally find an idea and a
niche that can earn you money this year, and can be worked in a few
short hours a week.

(I spend less than an hour a week on many of my web properties and they
earn me from a few hundred bucks a month to thousands of dollars a
month each.)

I'll show you the exact steps you need to take to set up multiple, long
term income streams online just like that.

In fact, I'll explain in detail, the 10 powerful ways I monetize my web
properties. (You don't need a lot of properties to make a go of this.
You can set up just one web property, or a handful like I have. Or you
can go all out a build a dozen or more. It's all up to you.)

For people who are just about flat broke and tired of having to buy one
thing after another from the multiple gurus they follow, I'll explain
how to do it all on a tiny budget of as little as a few bucks a month,
without having to buy anything except a domain and a dirt-cheap hosting

For folks who are time challenged or lack technical skills, I'll show
you how to get nearly everything done for you like I've been doing for
the last few years. And yes, I'll even show you how to do it without a
PC in case you're a technophobe or just one of those folks who is
always on the go.

I'll teach you everything you need to know about using WordPress as the
main tool in your business, and show you all the different ways you can
use it to set up the web property of your choice.

You'll find under-the-radar plugins you've never heard of -- the
plugins that help you make money. And you'll finally know the best way
to setup your sites for maximum profit.

You'll discover the secrets I've used to grow a loyal following so you
can finally gain long term traction in a real business of your own. You
can even apply this to an offline business that needs more profits!
Perhaps the best part of the course is my own Step by Step Action Plan
which tells you exactly what to do each week.

Whether you are starting a new web property from scratch or growing an
existing property, the action plan gets you traffic, subscribers, and
income - all you do is follow it to the letter.

It's the exact plan I developed and continually updated over the last
few years as I've increased my own portfolio of profitable web

It's the one thing that always seems to be missing from just about
every Internet marketing product you've ever bought or downloaded for

In fact, you'll find many more missing components including the mental
approach you need to thrive and survive online, the business apps I use
to save time and run my business on the go, the two-prong traffic
strategy I use with new web properties, and other gems too numerous to
But the PDF document is just the beginning...

You'll also get access to a brand new member site I just completed.

Inside the member area you'll find videos that walk you through
everything from installing WordPress to setting it up properly, adding
the right plugins for the type of business you want, and more.

Here's what it looks like inside...


There's no downloading of the videos necessary, you just connect to the
training videos from the PDF manual as you need them. They'll stream
right in your PC or Mac browser.

IPHONE_6- Oh, and they're in MP4 format so you can also watch
them at home or on the go, from any iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet.

Now I'm sure you've seen plenty of WordPress training videos by now,
and if you have, you may have noticed that they focus on "how to do
this" and "how to do that".

But a bunch of technical how-to videos won't build you a business.

With my new course you'll have the missing component that's not in all
the WordPress training sites out there.

And that's the most important component - your plan! Your plan to
decide what to build, how to monetize it, and where the traffic will
come from. I cover it all in detail!

You'll also find a "quick hire" page at the member area where you can
get instant one-click access to all my best helpers, dirt-cheap.

This is not outsourcing like you've heard of before. You know, where
you search and search for the right people to do everything for you
only to be frustrated with the result over and over.

I'm going to literally give you direct access to the exact people I

You basically pay these folks about the equivalent to the cost of a cup
of coffee anytime you need something done that you either can't do
yourself, or don't want to do. I use them all the time.

Need royalty-free images for your next project? The lady I use will
send you as many niche specific images as you need for about a dime

Need a promotional mp4 video created? My guy will do a 1000-word
animated presentation for about $16.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It's like having a
personal team of experts build and grow your business for you one step
at a time.

I'll even show you the exact things you need to have them do to grow
your income for you.
As you can see, this is far more than just "information"... it's a
complete solution.
* You'll finally know which online niches and monetizing strategies
are right for you.
* You'll have a proven, week by week action plan with the specific
tasks that will build your business the right way.
* Plus, you'll have access to my discount experts to do the hard
stuff for you -- the stuff you struggle with or just don't want to
* It's a complete solution to finally make it happen for you -- this
year -- and consistently, year after year like I have.

You can even rinse and repeat this process over and over and create
multiple income sources you can enjoy for years on end.

So, are you ready to put an end to all the madness? To end the
never-ending search for the right "program" or "opportunity"? The
constant sifting through conflicting advice? The supposed shortcuts
that only lead to dead-ends?

Wanna stop having the rug pulled out from under every business you

Then it's time to build a real business of your own. On your terms. Not
in some mold you have to squeeze into.

It's liberating to be able to instantly delete every business
opportunity email that comes your way, knowing you're not missing out
on a thing. Because you already have your own thing going!

So let's get to the price...

Don't worry, I'm not going to charge you $297 or even $197 for this

I'm not even going to charge you the $97 price that hundreds of people
have already paid for this course.
If you get in today, you can get the entire course for [DEL: $27 :DEL]
$14.95 with no ongoing fees.

But I can't guarantee that price will be available if you come back

Oh, and this price is all-inclusive. That means I'm not going to hit
you with upsell after upsell and squeeze you for as much as I can. You
get the full course plus access to the private site for that price -- a
lifetime membership with no monthly fees.

(I realize marketers make a lot more money using upsells and downsells.
I just don't like the idea of asking for more money when you can simply
include everything in the original price.)
So now it's time to ask yourself if you really want significant,
part-time web income, and the time freedom it comes with.

If so, then grab this package -- it will help get you up to speed on
what's working on today's Internet.

Just remember, it's not a magic button or an undiscovered loophole.
That stuff is useless.

This is a course based on my own ongoing experience of earning my
living in this ever-changing environment. It shows you everything you
need to create your own online income streams -- whether you are
starting from scratch or building on an existing plan.

photo (1) Who knows, you may see Internet marketing in a whole new
light once you bypass the maze of bogus information.

I'm living proof that it really is possible to make money while doing
something you want to do, something that's right for you and only you.

Something that helps you move toward the lifestyle you desire, and the
lifestyle you deserve.

Thanks for your time today,

Jim Daniels

P.S. My methods are certainly not the only way. But I have been able to
earn a comfortable living working part-time, all by myself for almost
two decades.

If you'd like the straight scoop on how it's done, grab this package
right now. Even if you're not quite ready to jump into a business at
this very moment, I urge you to grab this package so you have it when
the timing is right for you.

This is truly the layman's course for earning income from home on
today's World Wide Web. I don't charge thousands of dollars and I don't
hold anything back.
* Today's Special Price of Just [DEL: $27 :DEL] $14.95!
* Jim's ezWebBusinessBuilder2 Course (Updated Monthly!) for 2017 &
* Membership to Jim's New Private Site with No Ongoing Fees
* Anytime Access to the WordPress Training Videos via PC, Mac,
Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
* Access to Jim's Dirt-Cheap Experts to Outsource the "Tough Stuff"
* My 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.


This site and the products and services offered on this site are not
associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, WordPress or
Starbucks, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google,
WordPress or Starbucks.

* ezWebBusinessBuilder2 by Jim Daniels
* Member Login
* Privacy Policy
* Terms & Conditions of Use
* Customer Support
* Affiliates
* About Jim Daniels
* Reviews

Copyright 2018 JDD Publishing Company

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